Local Government

Road infrastructure servicing a capital city CBD should not be the financial responsibility of the local government authority (LGA). A capital city is a centre servicing an entire State and the Nation as a whole. Local Government should not arbitrarily designate redistribution of wealth.

Rather they should appropriate revenue based on the service costs of a particular property, based on its floor space, work space and other peculiar features.

The Brisbane City Council’s recent assault on unit owners to pay for over expenditure on transport infrastructure is inappropriate. The council’s aggressive vision exceeds their responsibility to their constituents. The obvious source revenue for such infrastructure should come from the State Government through the Federal Government.

The current level of revenue on fuel, which the motorist pays everyday, is sufficient to provide 25 Tugun Bypasses per annum.

Many ratepayers who are subsidizing the infrastructure do not even own a motorcar and many unit owners who are called upon to pay a disproportionate share walk to work from their CBD Apartment.