RR Quarterly

Coming Soon -
The Revenue Review Quarterly


This new and exciting electronic quarterly journal will launch early next year.
We will be collating information, articles and opinions and compiling them together
in an interesting and relevant format.

We would welcome your contribution to our first edition.

Issues, which the first edition will examine, include:

• The on-going Henry (AFTS) review - and topics arising from the report
• Auditor General – issues of waste and inefficiency identified in the reports
• Waste Watch – cases of Government waste and duplication
• Hansard Watch – what our Parliamentarians have been saying
• Functional Federalism – making State and Federal Governments work together
• User Pays / Society Pays – more accurate appropriation for services
• Health and Hospitals
• Private / Public Accountability
• Poverty – both domestic and global
• A petition to replace Capital Gains Tax with a small Capital Exit Tax.